Diesel  Electric Drive

Diesel-electric marine propulsion systems are versatile to boats of various scales due to their functionality and flexibility. Several diesel-electric drives can act as electric generators to provide the required electricity for boat motor propulsion. With not one but many diesel-electric drives as power generators, the boat may or may not utilise all these drives at once depending on the power requirements in a given situation.

Diesel Electric Drive
Hybrid Propulsion System

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid marine propulsion system increases the fuel efficiency of boats with variable energy requirements, such as fishing boats, tugboats, and passenger boats. True to its name, the hybrid marine propulsion system ensures the vessels’ broad operating capacity by combining mechanical and electrical power to run the propulsion. This entails a more efficient propulsion system for various vessels.

100% Battery Powered Propulsion System

A battery-powered ship propulsion system, as the name suggests, uses a battery to meet the power requirements to propel a boat. Far from using the old age fossil fuels that poison the air and water, our 100% battery-powered ship repulsion system will leave fewer carbon footprints while performing at the very same efficiency as other propulsion systems.
100% Battery Operated Propulsion System
E-POD Electric Motor Shaft-Line System

E-POD Electric Motor Shaft-Line System

E-POD Propulsion systems are designed to further marine electrification. With our various boat propulsion system solutions, it is possible to achieve less carbon footprint from operating boats and other marine vessels. Our electric-motor line shaft system is a purely electrically powered propulsion system for boats that perform with efficiency without contributing to air and water pollution.

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