Hybrid & Battery Powered Propulsion Systems As A Green Solution

16 Sep 2021

Hybrid VS Battery Powered: Which Propulsion System Is Better


Rising sea levels are an issue and can potentially threaten the livelihoods of many people living in tropical Asia. Many low-lying parts of certain countries may eventually be flooded and inhabitable. These are all a result of global warming and climate change


Singapore’s average annual temperature has increased from 26.9 to 28 between 1980 and 2020. Global temperatures are also expected to rise by 1.5 between the next few decades.


A large contributor to the speed of global warming and these rising temperatures are human and industrial activity. These activities drive increased emissions of greenhouse gases, which ultimately led to the increase in global temperatures. 


Although the maritime industry contributes only about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a study has shown that this industry emits around 940 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and is responsible for emitting 18% of all air pollutants. As a result, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) imposed a regulation on all ocean-going vessels to limit emissions significantly. 


With these regulations in place, what are some marine propulsion systems shipping companies can consider switching to in order to reduce their carbon footprint and adhere to the newly imposed regulations? We discuss the hybrid marine propulsion system and battery-powered ship propulsion system in this article.


What Is Hybrid Marine Propulsion System?


The hybrid marine propulsion system, which combines diesel electric and battery, is one of the marine propulsion systems receiving increasing demand in the marine industry today. Ships equipped with a hybrid propulsion system can operate solely on diesel electric power, solely on electric power from battery or both concurrently.


The vessel’s broad operational capability is ensured by the combination of diesel electric and battery producing electrical power jointly in a strategic way. The hybrid marine propulsion system, with its ability to operate in different modes, provides maritime companies and crew with better and more efficient operating systems.


High fuel savings, lower maintenance costs, increased uptime, and lower noise levels on board are all advantages of the hybrid marine propulsion system. Besides, it helps your company in lowering its carbon footprint. 


What Is Battery-Powered Ship Propulsion?


The battery-powered ship propulsion system is a fully electric system that consists of an electric thruster powered by a battery pack. 


Battery-powered ship propulsion is typically used for boats operating in areas where on-shore charging is available. In case on-shore charging is not available, the system may be equipped with alternative backup gen-sets to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the electric thrusters.


Some of its benefits include zero-emissions operation, reduced noise pollution, no fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs. With far less noise and vibration on board, all crew and passengers will enjoy a higher level of comfort.


Hybrid & Battery-Powered Propulsion Systems as a Green Solution


Hybrid & Battery-Powered marine propulsion systems, both can be applied to a wide range of boat types including tugboats, crew boats, research vessels, yachts, passenger ferries and dynamic positioning vessels.


Below are some examples of the applications of the Hybrid & Battery-Powered marine propulsion systems.


Example 1 – Hybrid marine propulsion systems can be applied to workboats. The power supply is controlled by the Power Management system (PMS) optimising efficiency and minimising fuel consumption.


Example 2 – Battery-powered ship propulsion systems can be equipped in a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV). Additional backup gen-sets can be integrated into the system to ensure continuous operation, in case an onshore charging station is not easily available.


Example 3 – These green solutions are suitable for yachts and pleasure crafts, providing not only  environmentally friendly solutions, but also giving passengers a next level of comfort due to the silent propulsion system.


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